The Liebster Award & Beauty and Gloom

The Liebster Award and Beauty and Gloom

Recently, pine717 from The Maximum Utmost has nominated my blog, Beauty and Gloom, for the Liebster Award, which is basically a blogger-driven initiative aimed at spreading the word about interesting blogs and learning more about fellow bloggers. Thank you, pine717!

Now, I should answer 11 questions from him and nominate another 11 bloggers who, if they wish, can answer my questions as well. Yep, it’s like a chain letter, so if you don’t feel like opening up, you can just ignore the whole thing. Alternatively, you can just put your answers in the comment section below instead of writing a separate post on your blog. Go to the list of nominees >>

Here are my answers

1. What made you want to start writing a blog?

I wanted to write consistently about the things I like. I was planning to blog mostly about games, but I realized soon that books were also going to be a huge part of Beauty and Gloom.

2. Outside of gaming, what hobbies do you try to cultivate?

I also like to attend music shows (although I’ve been doing less of that lately) and various literary events if they include lectures, workshops, meetups, etc. I also try to write short SF stories, but I haven’t learned yet how to do it consistently.

3. Night Owl or Early Riser?

I always thought I was a Night Owl, but it turned out that was mostly caused by the need to study late to get good grades in university. Some time after graduation I learned that I am an Early Riser and morning hours are the most productive for me, so I’m trying to use them wisely.

4. Book or movie that had the greatest influence on you growing up?

The Matrix. I clearly remember that it was the movie after which I started listening to the harder kind of music. Plus, it resonated with my teenage soul: I believed that computers were a big deal and that they were going to change the face of earth :) Also, I needed some reassurance that you’ve got to really believe in impossible to make it in this world.

5. Favorite beverage to relax with?

Mint tea or beer.

6. Favorite character from a game?

Pyro from Team Fortress 2. I love that he lives in his own world.

7. Favorite season of the year?

Spring. May is a perfect month in Ukraine: not too hot, not too cold, and trees are fresh and green, not yet dulled by the heat.

8. What was the first game that really made you like video and computer games?

I played a lot on a NES-clone console called Subor when I was 10-14 using whatever cartridges I could get my hands on. But I didn’t really play anything in high school or during my first years of university. But then, somewhere around 2012 Indigo Prophecy brought me back into the world of gaming :)

9. The Beatles or Led Zeppelin? (Or neither?)


10. Pie or cake?

Pie. Filled with jam or meat.

11. Favorite number?

I don’t think I have one. But 2, 7 and 9 look more appealing than the rest.

Blogs I nominate

Video Games Nebula

Confessions of a Readaholic

The Nerd Nebula

Young-Ju Harris

UA Videography

It is totally okay if you don’t feel like participating. After all, this thing was just meant to be fun.

Questions from me

  1. Have you ever considered videoblogging? Why/why not?
  2. What could help you blog more consistently? (If you aren’t already sticking to the schedule)
  3. Have you ever wanted to broaden or to narrow the topic your blog is dedicated to?
  4. Whom do you consider to be the most helpful blogger in your niche?
  5. Do you have a favorite portable game console (like PSP or Nintendo DS) or prefer to play on your mobile phone?

If you came across this post by chance and feel like answering any of these questions, feel free to join in :)


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